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   50 & 51. Sparks and Particles - Part 1,2

- Design the cubes and letters to be used for the cubilicious animation
- Learn to use the scene objects for Particle Flow animation

watch adownload video tut aproject files tut a

Duration: 31 Minutes         2259 Views     January 13, 2011
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0 #2 vinay 2013-06-05 13:57
hi i seen all of your videos i love them and i want to learn more about particle animation and cube animation
+1 #1 Oscar 2013-04-24 09:47
Hello Henry,

Thank you or the cube laser tutorial.

Just a point to notice, the sequence of the laser looks totally unrealistic because when the laser is at about 30% into "cutting" then the letter falls, that is impossible, the correct thing would have been to make the laser cut to follow ALL the outline of the letter and then fall.

Also for a better realism, the particles could have changed colour from orange to red to black. In your version, black is supposed to be cold and that is also illogical in real life right at the moment of the initial laser hit.

I do 3DS Max as hobby and in no way I think you don't know what you are doing but I think for the sake of realism it could be much better.

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