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Hello, everyone, my name is Henry Mbata Also Known As "The Jedi".

I wish to thank you first and foremost for visiting my website. I believe some of the works and my products on this site will inspire you
to achieve your goals in your own works, as I aim to make my contribution to the computer graphics and film industry.


I am a 29 year old 3D modeler, animator, and visual effects artist currently based in the city of Pretoria, South Africa.

I was born and raised in The Congo...which is a very vast and beautiful country situated right in the centre of the African Continent


My skills in arts began to develop in my teenage years, and my family and friends remember the way in which I was able to draw very
detailed pictures of people, natural scenes,  and other kinds of objects as a way to nurture my talent.


MathepeWillow B Mongale


I started my company as a way to help people like myself to explore new areas in computer animation and motion graphics

I have been blessed to have met and work with Mathepe Willow B Mongale, whom I actually met in my high school years, and his beautiful
sister, Gano Mongale


Gano Mongale


Mathepe's art directing and camera work skills play such a massive impact on all the training dvds promo videos and trailers that we create
here at

This is the way like to describe Mathepe's influence and importance: "God gave me the power and skills to create and animate,
but to Mathepe, he gave the eye to see the detail, and the vision to put it all together so that in the end, all our works can turn into
masterpieces we can be proud of"


Thank you, Gano, for being able to adorn our DVD covers with your image, you bring a new dimension to the work we do


The road from apprentice to what I prefer to call “Jedi” mastery in the world of computer animation was not an easy one for me,
as the very access to a personal computer in the first place was not possible for many years.


Determination, vision, hard work, skills to learn very quickly and above all belief in oneself are the ingredients that led me to accomplish
my visions.

I have to say that I am very grateful to everyone who I ever ever met because of the various roles they have each played in my life,
no matter how small or big


My brother Samy Mbata, my sisters bebe Padi Mbata and Sarah Mbata

I can never emphasize enough the incredible creativity that sparked my imagination as I was privileged to learn from one of the very
best people in 3D animation, Mr Hannes Retief and the continued support from my good friend Pastor Lupa Kalolokesya and his family,
Mr Tony Koyabe and his entire family, Ziana Rafuza,sister Peni Lolwane, Sindy Lolwane, and above all, the warmth of love from my family,
especially from my inspirational sisters, Sarah Mbata and Bebe Padi Mbata, and my very good brother Mangu Samy Mbata.


 My father and my mother


But the greatest of all motivation I have received come from my father and my mother

My father, Mr Andre Mbata Betukumesu Mangu, is a professor of constitutional laws at the University of South Africa
Through watching how he dedicates all his energy, intelligence, and heart into his work, I truly had a fabulous opportunity to learn from my father and apply the wise teachings and advices he always shares with me and everyone who has met him. Thank You Papa, you are the best.

There simply is no other father like you


And to my mother, I have to say:"Maman, what would a child be without your warm and unconditional love and guidance, thanks to all you did and continue to do for me and the rest of us children, we become useful citizens of our world, you taught us everything anyone needs to learn in life.

Thank You Maman, you are the best"


I always advise anyone to read the book entitled "How To win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie
It will teach you a timeless philosophy to become the person who can achieve anything by maintaining healthy relationships with other people

I encourage anyone who has an unbreakable belief in themselves and the ability to learn quickly to indulge in achieving whatever it is they
deem very important to them.


"The Jedi" is the name people also know me by, a name taken from my favorite film of all time: George Lucas’ Star Wars'.
I like to associate myself with Jedi Knights for they have intuitive abilities to accomplish good over evil and circumvent challenges in ALL areas of life.


For those who could be wondering what computer I am using to create stunning 3D in less time, here are my computer's features:

  • I run an Intel Core2 Quad 2.44 Ghz CPU
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Card
  • 250Gig SATAII Hard Drive plus two 1 Terabyte Seagate External Hard Drives
  • 4 Gig RAM


Well, now you know where I record all my tutorials: "Hello, My name is Henry Mbata and Welcome to".....the rest,
of course, as they say, is History


The best advice I can give anyone, is to "Believe".It makes me sad when I hear people say "One day I want to achieve the following.....",
trust me, that "One day" is in fact 'TODAY'.


Once more, Thank you for your visit and "BELIEVE" today

Henry Mbangala Mbata AKA The Jedi
3D Modeler, Animator, Visual effects artist and trainer
e-Mail address: henrimbata [at]                                                                 


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