3D Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling and Music Composing Services Offered at Henrythejedi.com

So you need 3D animation or a corporate video, a marketing video, a Showreel, or a 3D model...Let Henry The Jedi do it for YOU!
The first step is to contact me to discuss your requirements and decide what solution is best for you. I will prepare a proposal based on our discussions, complete with estimated timescales and costs.

I normally bill at a standard hourly rate. However, there are situations in which it is more appropriate to bill at a specific day rate or even fixed cost for the project. We can discuss which is best for your situation. At the end of the project, I will send an invoice to your company for payment. I normally accept payment in U.S. Dollars or South African Rands. The method of payment will be agreed in the proposal.

Any questions? CLICK HERE to contact me, and I will be happy to discuss this further!
Email: thejedi [at] henrythejedi.com   |  Cellphone Number: +2772 540 7280

Whatever your need when it comes to video editing or post production or animation or modelling, you can remain assured that you can turn to me here at Henrythejedi.com to bring your vision to fruitfulness.

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3D Animation
Motion Graphics Videos
Website Design
Logo Design
Trinidad AND Tobaggo Container House 3D Construction Animation
Client: Christopher Lawrence
Voux Voxxery
Client: Pambili Media
Website Design
Voux Voxxery - Logo Design
Client: Voux Voxxery
Pambili Media - 3D Logo Animation
Client: Pambili Media
Trinidad AND Tobaggo Container House 3D Construction Animation
Client: Christopher Lawrence
GOVTECH Technology Event Expo Promo
Henrythejedi Chocolate Cream Concept
Henrythejedi Juice Can Concept
Debmarine Diamond Mining Company
Client: Debmarine/Juxtapose Designs
Barloworld Motor Retail Corporate Video
Client: Barloworld/Synergy Video

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