14 Tribute to My Late Grandfather

February 23, 2009

  Henry uses the amazing creativity of After Effects to compile an endlessly compelling video presentation in which he pays tribute to his grandfather Tatu Mwabila Casmire  

12 Satellite Navigation System in After Effects

February 9, 2009

  Design AND animate a very detailed Satellite Navigation Animation using the power of After Effects  

11 Very Realistic flag animation in 3D Studio Max

January 28, 2009

  Create and animate a very realistic flag blowing in the wind in 3D Max  

8 Butterfly Modelling, Rigging & Animation in 3D Studio Max

October 1, 2008

  Model, rig,  and animate your very own beautiful butterfly using Bones in 3D Max  

6 After Effects Unmatched DVD – Fire

September 30, 2008

  Use Particle Playground to create a an explosive fire scene without third party plugins required in After Effects  

5 Animate your text follow ANY path in After Effects

August 29, 2008

  Animate your text to follow ANY path that you create in After Effects  

4 Energy Ball in Hand in After Effects

July 28, 2008

  Create an energy ball and apply stunning effects to create the energy ball effect Now the power is in your hands  

3 Great Reflections in After Effects

July 4, 2008

  Use the awesome power of After Effects’ 3D capabilities to create dynamic reflections  

2 Rock Demolition in 3D Max

June 24, 2008

  Learn how to model, texture, and demolish a rock in 3D Max using particle system