• Create a cool dynamic folding animation
  • This is a great technique to animate a text logo

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15 Audio Spectrum Animation in After Effects

22 Amazing 3D Video Gallery in After Effects

89 – How To Model and Texture a Modern Light Bulb in Houdini and Render in Redshift

32 Splashy Title Aimation in 3D Studio Max & AE

48 Cubilicious Cube – Design

11 Very Realistic flag animation in 3D Studio Max

78 3D Max to After Effects – Booklet

61 Apocalyptica Asteroid Flying In Space

6 After Effects Unmatched DVD – Fire and Explosion

24 Clay Rendering Technique in 3D Max

4 Energy Ball in Hand in After Effects

69 3D Random Motion with Lightstroke

43 Mokonzi Robot – Rigging

12 Satellite Navigation System in After Effects

28 Camaro Car Studio Render

75 Logo Animation that folds Mechanically & Organically

54 Operation Lock On Satellite Tracking

1 Lightstroke Animation

14 Tribute to My Late Grandfather

42 Mokonzi Robot – Texturing and Shading

16 Video Domino in After Effects

50 Cubilicious Cube – Sparks and Particles

2 Rock Demolition in 3D Max

5 Animate your text follow ANY path in After Effects

20 Model a 3D Badge Logo in 3D Studio Max

30 Digitally Transformed Text Title Animation

3 Great Reflections in After Effects

71 Rock Blast with Nvidia’s PhysX

25 Ocean Water Scene in 3D Studio Max

65 What a Wonderful World Block Animation Around Planet

21 Text Title Reveal in After Effects

8 Butterfly Modelling, Rigging & Animation in 3D Studio Max

53 Cubilicious Cube – Finishing Touches

35 Mokonzi Robot – Model Design

18 Beautiful Video Animation

88 How to Install Two (2) Graphics Cards for Dramatically Improved 3D Renderings

45 Mokonzi Robot – Walk Cycle

52 Cubilicious Cube – Reactor Rigid Body Simulation

82 Build an Animated Realistic Kitchen in 3D Max

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