Adobe After Effects Unmatched


• Take your creative skills to the next level of Unmatched creativity

• 10 video tutorials covering medium and advanced visual effects


  • 10 video tutorials that cover beginner, medium, and advanced visual effects in Adobe After Effects

  • Presented in an intuitive and easy to follow workflow

  • 10(ten) video tutorials lasting more than 6(six) hours

  • Take your creative skills to the next level of Unmatched creativity

1. What is the After Effects Unmatched Taining DVD?
Adobe After Effects Unmatched is our training DVD which containing a total of 10(ten) video tutorials which cover topics in Adobe After Effects.

These video tutorials are presented in an intuitive and easy to follow workflow to suite youre learning style.

Whether you are just beginning to learn After Effects or you are already good with it, we promise that you will find quite a wealth of creative lessons that are going to help you boost your creativity

Course OutlineCourse Details
1 Getting StartedSoftware Used: Adobe After Effects
2 Cloud Zoom Into CitySkill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
3 Fire Animation in Adobe After EffectsDuration: More Than 6 Hours
4 Light Streak Animation Following a PersonFile Download Size: 770 Megabytes
5 Vector Growth Animation Using Adobe Illustrator Files
6 Card Wipe Effect
7 Photo Album Animation
8 Water Surface Animation
9 Motion Tracking
10 Bonus Tracking
Some of the Content From the Tutorial
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2. What software do I need to create these amazing animations?

All you need is:

• Adobe After Effects

• PC/Mac computer with at least 500 Megabytes of RAM

• A video player watch the video tutorials


3. Do I need any Plugins?

Our aim here at, is to help you bring out the true artist in you

You do not need any plugins to complete each of the tutorials on this DVD

We know that we cover some advanced topics on this training DVD, but we show you just exactly how you can create

some of the most awesome animations and designs using only the built-in tools


4. How do I buy this DVD or How Do I order a copy?

You can buy using PayPal, your Bank Credit Card, your Bank Debit Card(if supported), or Western Union(If you do not have a bank account)
for detailed information on How To Order or How To Buy our Amazing Products or visit our Support Page

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