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  • Explore the power of 3D Max’s Reactor simulation system to create High Impact Motion Graphics by using Rigid Body Dynamics

  • This DVD Includes more than 50 (fifty) free sound effects of hit impacts, crashes, debris, etc
  • 8 unique video tutorials lasting more than 6(six) hours
  • No third-party plugins required: in True Tradition, we save you time and money on expensive plugins by relying on 3D Max’s limitless creative possibilities

1. What is the Fracture Rigid Body Dynamics In 3D Max Training DVD?

Fracture is a DVD which contains a series of 8(eight) unique video tutorials which show you how to create high impact motion graphics
in Autodesk 3D Max and Adobe After Effects

On this training DVD, we are going to go over several topics in detail through which you will design animations that mainly involve breaking
and destroying everything from walls, texts, bricks, glass to create animations that contain such a high level of impact both visually and artistically

What’s even more exciting, is that we have also included free of charge more than 50 (fifty) sound effects to give your animations just
the creative punch you need to captivate your audience

The sounds are from a variety of elements, from crashes, to fractures, hit impacts, smashes, and more…

We save you precious time and countless amounts of money by making sure that you do not need any third-party plugins to complete
any of these amazing tutorials, so that you can rely only on After Effects’ and 3D Max’s limitless creative tools

Course OutlineCourse Details
1 IntroductionSoftware Used: Autodesk 3D Studio Max
2 Fracturing/Breaking 3D TextsSkill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
3 Fracturing/Breaking Stones/RocksDuration: More Than 6 Hours
4 Fracturing/Breaking Stone MonumentFile Download Size: 2,1 Gigabytes
5 Fracturing/Breaking a Wall
6 Fracturing/Breaking a Cooldrink
7 Fracturing/Breaking a Wall of Glass
8 Animating a Laser Beam to Cause Fracturing/Breaking
Some of the Content From the Tutorial
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2. What software do I need to create these amazing animations?

All you need is:

• Adobe After Effects

• PC/Mac computer with at least 500 Megabytes of RAM

• A video player watch the video tutorials


3. Do I need any Plugins?

Our aim here at, is to help you bring out the true artist in you

You do not need any plugins to complete each of the tutorials on this DVD

We know that we cover some advanced topics on this training DVD, but we show you just exactly how you can create

some of the most awesome animations and designs using only the built-in tools


4. How do I buy this DVD or How Do I order a copy?

You can buy using PayPal, your Bank Credit Card, your Bank Debit Card(if supported), or Western Union(If you do not have a bank account)
for detailed information on How To Order or How To Buy our Amazing Products or visit our Support Page

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